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A month ago I wrecked my Yamaha Vino--on the way to it's first inspection yet--by broadsiding a car. Luckily, I came away with only minor injuries and a decent insurance settlement. [sigh] I loved that scoot...it had character.

However, being in the market again means that I've been doing more research. The Tomos Bullet model seems to be a decent one for my needs--light, small, and possibly able to to parked in my apartment instead of outside. The weight limit of 300+ pounds is a lot better than my Vino's wimpy 164 lbs. The Yammie BWS/Zuma also has that capacity, but the legshield is pretty cramped on today's models.

But I'm worried. I've read a lot of negative comments, here and on other forums. Plastic cracking, bad autolube systems, etc. I'd like people's honest opinion: is a Tomos a good buy? I am not asking compared to older mopeds. I lack mechanical skills and rather like the idea of dealer support in the event things go south. Are the modern Tomos models as bad as I've heard? Should I go for a scoot instead?

Thanks. And a couple of more questions...

can the stock exhaust be derestricted? It's legal in Quebec--no 50cc moped/scoot speed restrictons. Or will I have to fit a Biturbo?

break in--what are the break in periods recommended by the manufacturer? One thing I hated about my Vino was spending hundreds of klicks dawdling along. Just want to know what I'm in for with the Tomos.

* electrics. A whimsical question, actually. Something about the shape of the Bullet screams "glue funny bits to me". The nerdy charm of it, I guess. I have a vision of Tiki God christmas lights running along the frame, hooked into the electric system. Is this even possible, or am I just insane? No, scratch that last bit. I already know the answer.

Thanks guys! Maybe in a few weeks I can open up the later Decepticon MC chapter in Montreal...

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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