Re: Latte Holder

put it in your mouth. soy chai doesn't last five seconds in my hand.

Re: Latte Holder

whoa, check out the docking in that latte. well played, graham.

Strap this to your bike

It might hold one.

Re: Latte Holder

HAHAHA on weekend mornings i used to ride around with a coffee in my hand. it was great. turned alot of heads and even made the cops chuckle as i rode past.

Re: Latte Holder

Re: Latte Holder

Re: Latte Holder

It has not to do with the drink of choice. It's people having to bastardize something that is perfectly fine to begin with.

I love the simple cappuccino, latte,espresso, or cafe corecto. Lived in Italy for many years and I tell you a good drink coffee is the norm. It's not something to act smug about! I see people in the loop who develop coffee attitude and are in the "in crowd" because they just forked over some cash for a mochiato venti cup of Joe.

I rather go to Intelligentsia or LavAzza for my morning cappuccino.

What's my point here? Coffee is normal, not something to celebrate and act like your sh!t doesn't smell because you drink it.

and of course it should taste good!

BTW I'm getting a cup holder too. They rock!

Re: Latte Holder

Well, I don't really want to get in a coffee debate here, but if you like the taste of a venti-soy cappucino latte or whatever the heck it is, then I don't see the point of NOT drinking it. BUt it's coffee. nothing more.

That's all I've got to say on the matter.

Case closed.


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