colorado ped's?

just checking to see if there's anyone swarming and destroying in the Denver Boulder area. My friend just got a puch out there and might need someone to ride with.

Re: colorado ped's?

There's an unoficial Denver gang, the Spokesmen.

There's also a few moped riders in Boulder. I work with most of them at a scooter shop in the area.

Where does your bro live?

Re: colorado ped's?

No, not that I know of, I don't think there are any riders in colorado. Mopeds are illegal here, and owning one is punishable by death:)

Srsly, tho, your friend is totally welcome to come ride/hang/booze it up with us anytime!!


Re: colorado ped's?

dammit Willie, I want a little red spoke under my replies. Learn me your magic. I want mine to be orange though.

Re: colorado ped's?

Here, take this url:

and wherever you want to put the picture, put it in the post with exclamation points on either side, just like it says, like this

Fun fun:)

Re: colorado ped's?

Im In Loveland, Some of FUMP is in Louisville, and Boulder, and Colorado Springs.

Re: colorado ped's?

right on! I'll be back to visit my piece of shit home town Boulder next week. I'll look you guys up and maybe my friend can meet you all.

She's foxie on a maxi...or..uh a hottie on a puch

Re: colorado ped's?

Sweet logo Triumph,

Is that skyline what Denver looks like from the sticks?

:) Burn

Re: colorado ped's?


Re: colorado ped's?

I still don't believe FUMP exists until I see one of you.

I'm working in Boulder right now, I don't think I'll have two running peds in the area, but if you wana kick it around pearl street sometime, lemee know.


Re: colorado ped's?


Cool dude I'll call you next week for a beer at the downer.

Re: colorado ped's?


If you can't taste it, feel it, or see it, it doesn't exsist.

I'm not sure if I'd want to taste a moped gang called FUMP. Or any moped gang for that matter.

Re: colorado ped's?

Yippee for mindless rivalries. For good to exist there must be evil. For bacon to exist, there must be tofu. For the Spokes to exist, there must be FUMP.

Actually, come to KC with us in the bus, it'd be fun.

Re: colorado ped's?

You have a point oh wise one.

I just wanted an excuse to use that line somewhere. :P

Re: colorado ped's?

Im in Boulder.

Willie! That flywheel you gave me with the ZA is for an E50 (rotates other direction, magnets in different places). We need to swap!

Re: colorado ped's?

I'm in Golden, Swarm to work every day, but I'm stalling bad, any suggestions?


Re: colorado ped's?


change your name to the ColoRADicals, its bad ass

Re: colorado ped's?


that's fuckin awesome

Re: colorado ped's?

First time I heard ColoRADicals I giggled something major.

Re: colorado ped's?

hey you denver fuckers...

met you a couple weeks ago at the kc bbq before i had to go to a spaghetti dinner.

was supposed to be out there this weekend, but cancelled. my friend went though and played at the shag lounge... how is that place??

Re: colorado ped's?

emily...why the hostility towards our denver friends?


Re: colorado ped's?

You damned KC kids, no respect from the mob.

I've never been there, but I'm sure Kyle will chime in on it..

What ever happened to the people who were gona come out at the start of this post?

Re: colorado ped's?

Actually, I've never heard of the Shag Lounge. Sounds interesting for sure.

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