Honda PA50 II Story

Though I'd share my story about a my ped rebuild / restore / fix up?

About 3 months ago, I was trying to figure out a way to save money on gas as my drive to work is short and all "back-roads". I looked everywhere but couldn't find a moped for a good price. One day my girlfriend stops by an estate sale after work and calls me. "I think I found a moped!" She says. I ask her how much they want for it. They guy says "10 bucks". Amazing. It was a 1981 Honda PA50 II, Almost complete. It was missing a variator and rear transmission hub thing on the wheel. So I get it home and start looking at it. The rear tire was bent a bit. The decompression valve was..well..just a mess. So I got to work. Engine was shot. Bolts broken in the block, piston was done, the valve had been smashed into it! It was "beaten to death". So I ordered a new engine on ebay. Got a good deal! And..a new rear tire with hub. Slapped it all on. Swapped the CDI stater from my bad engine to the new one (Because it was points.) Note: A 1981 stater WILL FIT a 78 engine ;)

Anyhow, She's running strong! For under $200 I have a running moped!

With out the help from many a nice peepz on this forum, I wouldn't have been able to do all this. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP!!!!

(I will post pics soon of the whole thing)


Honda PA50 II Story

Sounds like me a couple months ago (motivations for buying a moped)

Cept I got it for $100 in non-running condition and the previous owner lied to hell about its insides.

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