welder in Mpls MN?

Hey Folks,

I am planning some mods to my Jawa, as soon as all the parts arrive. Im wondering if any of you folks in Mpls MN could help a fellow pedder out with some basic welding. I need a frame brace installed and a fitting welded onto an exhaust pipe. This would also give me a chance to meet some other Mpls pedders….


P.s.- feel free to email me direct at lexluthier72@yahoo.com

Re: welder in Mpls MN?

ah, this would be good to know. who in the TC can weld...

Re: welder in Mpls MN?

hmmm....no welders???? Bump.

Re: welder in Mpls MN?

i just moved from there... i can weld. sorry. there has to be some one. find some highschoolers with a metals class!

Re: welder in Mpls MN?

i know a guy who i used to work with. id trust him with my stuff, but he wasnt to stoked on doing nething big or whatever. exhaust he was fine with though.

Re: welder in Mpls MN?

contact info on this guy? Id rather have someone that can do both of the things I need done though. Theres got to be some Mpls pedders who also weld, and are fairly proficient?


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