New derby concept

General Jackson /

check out the derby dh 2.0

the hard core peders will hate it, but I think it's pretty freakin innovative.



huge wheels and shocks

google it and tell me what you think.

derby is the fastest ped according to recent threads, so you have to give them some cred.

Re: New derby concept

I think its cool. These kind of bikes have been getting popular. They're kind of a hybrid between a trials motorcycle and a mountain bike.

Re: New derby concept

i dont know. too many niche bikes.

Re: New derby concept

that is awesome but i think it has already been done. I dont remember by who but i saw something similar like 6 years ago on youtube.

And i like how they say it has inverted forks. Thats is not inverted and is probs the new Marzocchi 888 tripple crown. Still an awesome fork just not inverted. But i sont like inverted forks anyways.

Re: New derby concept

It's cool.

Funny enough, one of my friends who was going to school for egnineering built something like that from scratch basically for his final project.

I'll have to see if I can find the video of him riding it.

Is it me or could one of those easily fit into Mad Max?

Re: New derby concept

I'm actually really excited about this find, a pulsejet to rig up to a moped... oh my!

Re: New derby concept

are those in production and available in the states? They look kind of like a madass but the last time I expressed my secret admiration of bikes like that I was all but chased out of the forum by the villagers with pitch forks and torches.

Re: New derby concept

i like it, it's really minimal, a bit too flashy for me but not bad, definatly a cool concept for a light bike. I like how it has skinny large diamiter wheels as opposed to massive wide rubber that is so the trend these days on new bikes.

the old classic 50cc racers with thier tiny rubber patches have a certain elegance and implided rider skill and precision to them that new bikes just don't convay.

Re: New derby concept

i'd like to see a city version that was geared for street use mostly without the knobby tires and maybe a lower suspention profile.

I also don't lile the graphic treatment or chrome, but that just getting pick

Re: New derby concept

§ćŗάτçλmªřċ • /

definately Derbi's take on the Madass... I agree it's a step in the right direction away from all the "snail" aspects of scooters, but wish it was less motard looking, too. I didn't check the specs, are those regular 17" wheels?

I did notice the new Laser Sport 3 (PA50 knockoff) that's supposed to be coming from China is going to have 17" mags with caliper brakes, hopefully they'll improve quality over the previous versions.


Re: New derby concept

General Jackson /

who makes the lazer sport?

I would like this bike because it might actually be light enough to bunny hop.

I can almost bunny hop my murray since it has such high suspension

Re: New derby concept

yeah.. its way more trials than anything else. its also derbi and therefore a high quality product made in europe.. i assume..

totally a different animal than the madass. this thing looks like it can back it up.

Re: New derby concept

with street tires it would look hot

Re: New derby concept

Does anybody know if one can purchase these in the United States of America? I'm totally rich and if i can, I will buy one imediately!

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