RIP (until its comes back from shopp)

Today I woke up around 6:30am (which a very early time for me) and got dressed and whent to go pick up my paycheck on the moped. I really didnt think anything of the sluggish start but soon she was screaming like always. I got to my work, got my check, and started my moped.

On the start I heard some strange ticking sound. I thought this was weird and headed home. Approching the stop light the ticking sound slowly progressed into a grinding sound. Right then at the moment I realized that this was no strange sound and this was my fucking piston grinding against the cylinder wall.

The closest motorcyle dealer/service shop was right down the road. I gunned it making the engine sound more like an angry dog. The grinding, winding, and squealing was loud as I colsed in on the shop. I got closer and closer as I was wide open and the engine let out a gutteral yell as its last breath of life was taken in.

She slowed down on me and locked up. I was about half a mile from the shop as I was about 100 feet from the shop. I walked it to the service area and told them about my problem.

Re: RIP (until its comes back from shopp)

karma is a bitch.

Re: RIP (until its comes back from shopp)

meh, I dont think karma has anything to do with this.

The strange thing was when I was explaining what happend and I mentioned the new piston they put in a while back one of the guys started to sweat really bad and paced back and forth.

Re: RIP (until its comes back from shopp)

well which was it? half a mile or 100 feet?

Re: RIP (until its comes back from shopp)

you don't know how to put a new top end on your motor, dude thats lame

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