What the facts are.

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You know, besides it being a bit hard to take seriously any moron posting flak from ".ipt.aol.com", the training wheel tricycle of the internet, it appears to me that this dude has a lot to learn, besides how to use a real ISP, that is.

For starters, if you had half a brain in your head you'd realize most moped riders have to be a bit more on the tough side for the express reason of not having the horsepower (or the inclination, in this case) to run away from sorry freaks like you who like to hassle them.

Most 'ped pushers will stand and deliver, in such a case, and I do believe it states something of the mindset that they choose to use a vehicle where retreat is not an option, whereas you and yours would morelike be running with your exhaust between your legs.

Then there's the "Geek" issue, hey...your average buff construction worker makes about $8.50-$10.00/Hour...your average tech-base Geek makes $12.50-$22.50, due to more education and a career in a technology field, which is why we get all the chicks, horn-rimmed glasses and mopeds notwithstanding.

In fact, you sound almost jealous, issat whatsamatter huh ?

And that brings me to the remaining issue, 'ped pushers are generally self-contained and self-reliant people of secure manhood and not needing overwhelming horsepower or constant damnfool gestures (such as posting flak on other folks message boards) to appease and stroke puny little egos caused by an obvious case of manhood-envy.

You don't see us talking smack about anyone, cause we have respect for other folks, and above all, self-respect, which is obviously lacking in your case.

In short kid, either grow up or go find some professional psychological assistance, because these posts sound to me like the pitiful snarl of a small cornered rodent, the last gasp of an obvious lemming with some real serious personality issues.

We hear your cry for help, misguided though it is...we just don't give a shit.

Go beat your little drum somewhere else, heh ?


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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