your horrible grammar

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First of all, your grammar is horrible. I won't even try to make sense of what you intended w/ your run on sentences and dangling participles. It was so terrible, in fact (and especially w/ the missuse of punctuation), that I had a difficult time understanding your argument. This is beyond the problems of the way in which your argument's syllogism was constructed.

That said, I dismiss your ranting entirely. A few points, however:

- one "rides" a bicycle, one does not "drive" a bicycle

- the use of "dude" does not replace a semicolon

- "some" (not "sum")

- "revival" (not "rivival")

- it's "a water bottle" (not "an water bottle")

- a thought (e.g. "you guys thought hey lets ...") should always be seprated from the introductory text by a comma or colon--and perhaps also quotation marks, single or double--(e.g. "you guys thought: "Hey, let's ...")

- I think you meant "desecrate" not "desegrate" (which is not a word)

Those are just a few of more minoar problems. Subsequently, I have really no idea what you were trying to say. The tone, undoubtedly, was negative. Other than that, I have no real idea. I caught glimpes of you stating that you enjoy Voltron and riding your scooter or motorcycle while mooning people, perhaps while farting (hence the "overwhelming rush" felt as you ride by)?

I also find it funny to state that we "kids" are boring you. You took the time to visit the website and post a forum. No one asked you to do this. Logically, therefore, you were participating on your own through your grammatically-challenged tirade. Hence, you were boring yourself. A rather sad state of affairs, if you ask me.

Enjoy your eBay auction.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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