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I take it back you guys don't suck.

You guys are the coolest kids (if not the best looking) on the er,

bikes with a pencil sharpener engine scene, if i ever wanted to

be laughed at and ridiculed, trust me, i would join your "gang"

But let's be realistic here, you guys drive bicycles. How are you

guys seriously going to dominate the streets? I was reading alot

of your profiles, dude, seriously you guys gotta get sum

motorized vehicles that demand respect. c'mon how could

you possibly try to pick up chicks/guys/autobot on a moped?

Jedi knights have balls (don't matter what gender)

a knight has balls. plain and simple, down wit the force.

Now, i don't understand moped army, where does the transformers

tie in? What if you liked the decepticons? Should you guys

front with transformer stickers? are you guys like a transformers

rivival, I have an optimus prime on ebay, i think i. could sell,

so that i can buy an water bottle holder, for my cool bicycle

to match my transformers sticker, club? or you guys just

thought hey lets bit those scooter kids and find a cool

cyber toon to desegrate. Personally, i know I am not alone

when i say Voltron, would have been a better choice.

ok you kids are boring me know,

and remember when your putting along on the side walk,

and you feel an overwhelming rush zoom past you,

those 150cc's are flying past you as you partake on

my "dark side" of my moon.

Until then

search and destroy

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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