26 tooth Tomos rear sprockets

Daniel Scudder has 26 tooth rear sprockets for Streetmates and Revivals ready to ship. The production sprockets will have his name and 26T on them (Tomos will not be on them). He is asking $15.00 plus shipping for them--not much when you consider he had to buy the steel and the mills. He also spent considerable time writing the program for the CNC machine. He can also put a dealer or individual's name on the sprockets.

He will custom make moped parts and his his prices are very reasonable. He can be reached at (770)894-1701.


Re: 26 tooth Tomos rear sprockets

Another picture.


Re: 26 tooth Tomos rear sprockets

thedrifter /

good deal, i think most people go down to the 22.

Re: 26 tooth Tomos rear sprockets

On the A3 bikes, 26 front / 22 rear is stock. I tried putting a 26 / 26 (modified extra front sprocket on the rear) on mine for better hill climbing ability but it really didn't make much difference. Definitely detracts from top speed.

Re: 26 tooth Tomos rear sprockets

The set up is different on the Revivals and Streetmates than the Sprints and STs

Re: 26 tooth Tomos rear sprockets

I'm trying to find the smallest rear sprocket that I can put on my Tomos Arrow R. It's got the A55 engine, but I'm not sure what either front or rear sprocket sizes come stock. Any Help?

Re: 26 tooth Tomos rear sprockets

that's pretty cute, thinking about asking him to make me something snazzy

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