Philly Roll Call

who's the chick on the yankee pedaler . who's the square on the silver magnum,bought from derick? theres not many mopeds in the city and i like to keep tabs on all the bikes/riders, you must report to me immediately.

Re: Philly Roll Call

I will be again, if I can ever get another moped!!! :)

In 4 years I went from the maxi seen in my profile to an '81 Suzuki GS450E that I made into a cafe racer, then to a Harley XL1200R that I bought new last year (i sold it already - shitty gas mileage + never got to ride much outside the city), and now trying to get another puch... Always back to my roots, I guess.

Re: Philly Roll Call

yo what are you doing today? want to go for a ride in the afternoon?

Re: Philly Roll Call

i've got some shipments of parts coming in for '80 magnum. didn't know there was another silver one in philly.

grande running well, replaced spokes and retrued for a couple hours. except blinkers not working,

bravo needs work

i'm up for a ride some time

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