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sorry for the double post but i thought i should add looking to buy a motor scooter and this would be my first scooter...they're is scooter store down the street from my house but i dnt think they sell quality scooters like vespas or ventos...they have a brand new pretty nice looking scooter and the brands vip (to the best of my knowledge its not an acronym) not too sure on the quality of them but the store will repair it for free if it breaks all i have to do is take it down to them and they will fix it up (my friend's family recently bought 2 scooters from them) so do you guys thing its worth it to get this scooter? and also what scooters would you reccomend?

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I say you might get better reaction if you asked scooter people. We are moped (With pedals) people.

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Those chinese scooters are good for 100 miles... then you better hope your trips are downhill...

...both ways.

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yeah i got one of them fancy scooter stores in my town as well. I asked them if the ever carry or consider carrying mopeds and the girl said, " Uhmm, like, they dont MAKE mopeds anymore." the FUCK they do! get off your high scooter horse and stop charging people 6000 dollars for your fancy pants toilet mobile!

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the new vespa aren't much better. They're over priced , limited part, and no one really know how to work on them. If you do scoot buy a Yamaha or a Honda

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Hyosung isn't bad either. I ride a Cimatti, but the GF rides a Hyosung Sense (50cc scoot) and it's pretty good. Good pickup, half-decent on hills (I live in Vancouver - we got us some HILLS), and seems solid enough. She can put her kid on the back and still leave me in the dust from a dead stop.

But yeah - this hyar place ain't fer no scooter types. :P

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I don't see why everybody hates scooters so much. True, this is a moped site, but just about everybody on here has cars, trucks, motorcycles, and all kinds of other vehicles. Maybe it's because of all the idiots that call scooters mopeds. There is nothing wrong with a scooter, it's excellent transportation. I have an '06 Honda Met that I'm pretty sure will outlast me. If I had my choice, I'd have a new Stella, or an old Vespa or Lambretta, but I can't afford any of those, the Met just kind of fell into my lap for cheap. VIP is a cheap Chinese scooter. There is a store here that sells several different models of 150cc Chinese scooters for around $1100. It's hard to believe they could be any good at that price, but I am the owner of a Chinese motorcycle that I bought online for $1375 shipped, I've had it for almost 2 years, have 16,000 klms on it, and am very satisfied with it. It's a 200cc dual purpose motorcycle. a comparable Japanese motorcycle costs 4 times as much. I see a lot of cheap Chinese scooters running around town that seem to run fine, but I also see a lot of broken ones for sale on Craigslist. My favorite Asian scooter brand is Kymco. Peace. Jerry.

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I think you're right about calling scooters mopeds. I mean SUVs are titled as station wagons in Michigan but we don't go around calling Hummers station wagons (maybe we should). Another problem is they are plentiful and cheap and so a lot of the people who own them don't have any respect for them as a road vehicle and ride them like idiots. This is a problem because the media seems to refer to them as Mopeds so whenever there is an incident people shake their heads saying "those should be outlawed" I don't have a problem with them but I wish the state would pay better attention to what they are registering as there are now a glut of 150cc "mopeds" on the road.

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Nothing wrong at all with a scooter but this website is dedicated to the classic Moped Motor+peddles.


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if you're looking to get a scooter, try these guys:


They've helped thousands of americans get the scooter they need, i'm sure they can help you.

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