'87 Tomos carb.

chuck-Ohio /

moped runs for few seconds then stops.Its like the engine is starved for gas. had carb. off twice to clean.put back on with cable inside and outside,no difference.gas is getting to carb.I got a good hot spark.

Re: '87 Tomos carb.

GsxrMatt11 /

Things to check

Check ur gas lines for leaks/clogs also clean ur fuel filter and air filter and have u tryed to take apart the carb and clean it with carb cleaner?? maybe u will find ur problem while checking this parts...

all it takes is air/gas and spark for an engine to run so check all of the above

Re: '87 Tomos carb.

chuck, check your petcock. i thought i was getting gas to carb, which i was, but not enough to keep ped running. once i took apart the petcock, gas was flowing beautiful. that could be your problem........................paul

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