Hey St. Louis from Tom Cruiser

St. Louis Pedders, I'm Andy, a Tom Cruiser from Tempe and I'm moving out to St. Louis in August. I already got my ped out there and you may see my girl riding around on it, a gold puch two speed. Anyways, Looking for a new moped community and exciting about nite-riding, hope to meet you all soon!

Re: Hey St. Louis from Tom Cruiser

Andy! Hi! I don't think i've ever seen you on the forum before. St. Louis, huh? I love the City Museum there.

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Well-come to the STL moped club site..


And youll see all the happenings

we ride on thurs and sun we meet at the 'fort' and fix and drink...and in between these 2 dates, we ride and fix and drink,( not nessasarily in that order, terms subject to approval )


Re: Hey St. Louis from Tom Cruiser

uhm why did my link no werk?


Re: Hey St. Louis from Tom Cruiser

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

Hey Andy. I heard we were getting a Cruiser this fall, but I didn't know who or when or why or how or if it was anything more than a vicious rumor.

Jimmy summed it up. We meet a lot, drink a lot, wrench a lot, and we get around to riding too.

We're I.R.E. (It Ran Earlier). Some of us have it tattooed on us. I really really hope you have a pink unicorn tattoo.

Want to be on our mailing list so you can get crap from me on a weekly basis?

Anything else Andy should know about us? Hrm...

Mailing list

Hell yeah, throw me on the mailing list. Sorry, no pink tattoo, but i'm too pink myself, i just dont think it would show that well. Hanging out and drinking and sometimes riding?.....i think i shall enjoy this place called St. Louis.

Re: Mailing list

oh man st louis, i'm stoked that you have a hoppin forum.

why the two, drastically different landing pages for your site? i say drop the "under construction" everywhere and add some links to that first page and call it awesome.

Re: Mailing list

hey andy,

glad to see you coming to St.Louis. I'm glad I.R.E. will have a new member.....I'm getting tired of these schmucks... especially mike.

Unfortunately I'm a yellow bellied traitor and will be moving to K.C. in the fall.

We say that our motto is our namesake "It Ran Earlier" but really I think a more accurate motto would be:


thats how we like it

Anyone else got any mottos for I.R.E?

Re: Mailing list

I.R.E. -- Don't be scared of Mark. Unless he's drunk and you're name is Tom.

Re: Mailing list

drink/fix/ride/breakdown/repeat...and smoke in between

Re: Mailing list

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

Dean, yeah, the website needs help. I think the difference between the main page, and the one behind it is hilarious. I made the home.html page, and the forums, and the blog, and someone else made the main page that looks like pain blobs/a moped in the middle thing. Yay for being disjointed.

Oh, and we will ride more if people stop bringing busted ass mopeds every Sunday. Not that I've got anything against busted mopeds, since most of us started there, but we really need everyone to have a running bike to ride. Quit bringing shit to fix to fix it days!

Re: Mailing list

I.R.E. drink/smoke/fix/smoke/ride/smoke/breakdown/smoke/attempt web site construction/smoke

I wonder why all our shits are broke and our web site is perpetually under construction

Re: Mailing list

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

It's a mopedder website. If it were a real life thing, it would be held together with zip ties and gorilla tape. We'll work on it sometime when we have all our peds running.

Oh, and sorry I didn't get over to the fort last night, Ryne. I had to meet this dude who might move in above me, and we got talking forever. How's the motron doing now?

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