How do you like your new arrow?

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I know a lot of you out there have gotten a new tomos arrow and despite some redicule from the hard core OG's you still speak firmly about your love of them.

I am not biased but curious. what is it specifically about them that you think is so sweet?

you don't have to defend yourself, i have nothing against them personally, or against anything with two wheels really.

I just want to know from a consumer stand point why so many people seem to like the arrow over the traditional styled mopeds.


Re: How do you like your new arrow?

Great low end means great acceleration and hill climbing, still has pretty good top end.

Fatter tires means taking turns faster because of more grip on the sides...

Moderately ugly according to some, fairly good looking according to others... That's not really the point.


Re: How do you like your new arrow?

I do not own an Arrow, and have never ridden one, but have sat on both the new style and the old style at the local dealer. The new one kind of reminds me of a Honda Express/Yamaha QT50 type bike. From everything I have read, they are not good for modifying, because you can't get pipes that fit them. What I like about them are the seat, the tubeless tires, and the single sided swing arm. What I don't like about them, is there doesn't seem to be any room to carry anything. I have saddlebags on my Sprint and STs, plus you can put a big box, basket, or motorcycle tailpack on the luggage rack. If if weren't for that, I might consider one, to use for long distance travel, since the ONLY problem I've ever had with Tomos mopeds have been flat tires. With an Arrow, you wouldn't have to tear half the bike apart to fix a flat, just stick a plug in it, air it up, and be on your way. Despite the fact that the seat doesn't LOOK comfortable, I've found that the seat on my Solex, single seat Puch, and the bicycle seat I put on my TFR were all way more comfortable than the seats on the Sprint/ST/LX. Length doesn't mean anything when it comes to seats, it's width that counts. Peace, Jerry.

Re: How do you like your new arrow?

Off topic..........................But

The seat on my sprint 2008 (I don't even go the long distance ) Is hard and uncomfortable as shit !

Re: How do you like your new arrow?

i've yet to meet the arrow that can corner faster than some of us on big wheeled bikes.

my reasons for not liking the arrow are purely aesthetic. i think tomos started making them just to get a foot in the scooter market.

Re: How do you like your new arrow?

I just purchased a new 08 Arrow for 2 reasons.

1. It has the reliability of a new Tomos

2. I think it looks really cool (for the same exact reason so many others don't) It is a very unique shape that just jumped out at me when I first saw it. I love the looks of classic peds, but since I wanted to go for something new, I chose something that looked new.

Re: How do you like your new arrow?

I like the looks of the Sprint/ST, but the seats do suck, and so do the tube type tires. But if you are going to carry anything, they have nice luggage racks. Looks like the only option on the Arrow is a backpack. Peace, Jerry.

Re: How do you like your new arrow?

I like the looks of the sprint as well, but more in that "mad max urban assault crazy modded" kind of way. There is a teeny tiny luggage rack behind the 08 arrow seat, and with bungie cords, I can hold my bag there, but that is about it. The way it is designed kind of prohibits saddle bags or the good ol milk crate that I rock on my 50's sears bicycle. As a new comer to mopeds, the stories of flat tires combined with my laziness also played a role in picking the arrow.

Re: How do you like your new arrow?

I've got one. I got it because of the fat tires that make me feel a lot more stable and the front disk break.

I've ate it a lot in the past and 4 out of five times it's been because of shitty traction(rain) and breaks. 1 out of the 5 times it was because I was checking out some young hottie and slammed into the back of a pick up truck.

I've got a bi turbo exhaust pipe on mine, so I know at least that pipe fits. But it definitely is what it is, my friends with LX's can definitely go to town with mods while I can barely change any of my aesthetics. Good thing I like the way it looks.

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