1983 Jawa Supreme 3

I'm new to all this but it looks like I've come to the right place!

I bought this bike (1983 Jawa Supreme 3) off my brother for 100$ in high school and proceeded to trash it!

I now want to restore it but can't seem to find anything I need...stickers, pedals, slash guards, toggles, horn, lights..etc. (I want to make it look and run like it just came off the assembly line!)

I was just hoping someone would kinda...I duno...walk me through it! :)

Thanks for the help!


Re: 1983 Jawa Supreme 3

Vlado vlado /

Hi Kristen!

Get pedals from any bike shop, forget about the other stuff and make it ito this: see attached pic

check Jawa posts on repair and performance sections, go about 6 months back



Re: 1983 Jawa Supreme 3

George Smith /

yeah what he said...

Re: 1983 Jawa Supreme 3

this is splendid machine. Very well tuned up. I am on the way to build one here in Czech republic. All parts are available and enormous space for improvement as well. Is that on one on the pick yours?


Re: 1983 Jawa Supreme 3

Vlado vlado /


I sold this one to my friend, he still has it and I forbid him to sell it and if than back to me

I have/had more Jawa mopeds, mostly two speed 210, 210 Sport and 225-

being born/raised in Slovakia it naturally interests me to stick with Jawa brand-

when visiting Slovakia twice a year I always bring bunch of spare parts back- mostly for my future projects, sometimes for Jawa owners on this forum if asked.

Na schledanou.

Re: 1983 Jawa Supreme 3

hey vlado buddy whats going on

im still looking for another jawa cause i miss them so much

Re: 1983 Jawa Supreme 3

Vlado vlado /

I have brand new two speed 225 kick start engine and 210 Sport frame- planning to make a "killer" from it sometimes this year...

When done I will have many parts from dismantled Sport, like seat, tank, Jikov carbs, side covers...could be yours if you ever come visit North.

stay cool in Florida, buddy!!!

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