honda puch Q????

can you through a puch cylinder on a honda hobbit?

Re: honda puch Q????


Re: honda puch Q????

Anything is possible if you have enough time and money, but is it a practical proposal?...


Re: honda puch Q????

Well, yes, you could put one on top of a Honda Hobbit.

As far as installation into a working engine goes, please see the previous posts.

Josh, why? What are you trying to do? Do you have an awesome Puch-kit-on-a-Honda plan that probably will never work, or are you looking to score a cylinder for a busted Hobbit?

I thought that Hobbits used cylinders that were interchangeable with dozens of other Honda products (and maybe some Yamaha ones...). I'm sure someone here would know.

Re: honda puch Q????

apparently. treats does have 70cc kits for hondas, though. if you wanted to throw a puch kit on that bitch.

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