Does Anyone from Ontario want a ride to the BBQ 7?

Jon Dalton /

Me and my wife would very much like to go to this and bring our mopeds and offer anyone else from Ontario and their mopeds a ride with us. We were going to put a trailer hitch on our car and borrow a trailer to haul the mopeds with. The only problem is that we can't afford the trailer hitch right now. But, if there are others who could lend us some money ($50 each for 3 people could do it) to go toward the cost of the trailer hitch and gas to get there, we would be able to go. I could offer to pay back half of that. Our car holds 5 people comfortably but if there's more who want to go, we could pack 2 more in the back (it's a wagon). So if you can just e-mail me or better yet phone at 905-540-8568 and let me know you're in, I can go ahead and get the trailer, and arrange to pick you and your mopeds up.

Re: Does Anyone from Ontario want a ride to the BB

Jon, I wish I could go but I have to work that day. Hope you get some others to go with you from Ontario. Bruce Wilkinson

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