1979 Indian's

I'm new to this site. I have been looking for information on Indian mopeds. I have an old neighbor who wanted to know if I wanted to buy her two 1979 Indian chiefs mopeds. They are both red and both have under 150 miles on them. Her husband bought them new in 79 for them to ride around this small town and he passed away in 1980. They have been covered up in a garage since. They look mint but I know they will need new tires and the tank cleaned along with the carbs. She has offered them to me for $500.00 each. I know very little about them and have been looking for information without much sucess. Any information would be greatly helpful.

Re: 1979 Indian's

The Indian mopeds were clones of the earlier Honda PC50.

The engines are overhead cam 4 strokes. The bikes are generally considered to be a little heavier and a little slower than the pure popular makes such as Puch ans Sachs.

If they are in as good shape as you describe $500 each might not be a bad asking price considering the price of gas nowadays and the rising popularity of mopeds for everyday transportation.

Re: 1979 Indian's

Thanks alot. I have been trying to google information for a few days now and other than pictures theres not much I can find.

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