Sachs "key" item?

I want to get my newly aquired Sachs Balboa running by Friday.

It's got great compression and fuel is fine, but not so sure on electrical.

Now I know that each company has their 'key' electrical item.

For example, Puch has the horn, and Vespa is the tail-light.

What is it for Sachs?

Re: Sachs "key" item?

None that I could determine, you can disconnect devices at will and everything else will still work. The taillight is also a "key" Puch electrical device. Using resistor plugs instead of regular plugs (to add a Tachometer) will eventually cause massive misfiring on the Sachs. Metal shavings from removing the magneto cover can also get sucked into the magneto itself from sitting in the cover for a while (unless cleaned out)...killing the spark at the points. This is very rare occurance though because the source of the shavings is from the engine case itself when you use a screwdriver to knock it loose very small pieces enter the cover unnoticed over time.

Re: Sachs "key" item?

what...whaaaa? i gotta have a horn on my puch for the electrical to work? damnit. i'm building a puch right now and really didn't want the horn.

Re: Sachs "key" item?

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

You don't need to have a horn, you just have to ground the horn circut..

Electrical doesn't work that way.

And Kyle, I think Rick has done some work on his Sachs, he might have some tips for you.

Re: Sachs "key" item?

General Jackson /

on the puch you can just connect the two horn wires to make a complete circuit, and also you then have a nifty kill switch to keep anyone from starting your ped when you aren't around.

on the sachs, i just got spark on 216chris's by direct connecting the headlight, horn and taillight. all his bulbs and horn were blown, out so i figured it was one of them. connect the top wire on the taillight to the ground wire and you should complete the circuit. or just get a new bulb for the taillight :)

Re: Sachs "key" item?

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

I don't think you can kill it dissconnecting the horn, it just runs super shitty.

Re: Sachs "key" item?

you can get wiring diagrams and more info on electrical from website.

tail lights. complete the circuit

Ϫ‡☄ಬ∞ ƀƖḬƝƊ ƤǂƿƎ ∞ಬ☄‡Ϫ /

and you will be running

Re: tail lights. complete the circuit

I have a 78 Sachs Balboa. My Taillight doesnt work and never has, but I'm still able to start and ride the damn thing. Only when I tried taking the horn off on the Sachs was the only time I could not get it fired up. I just spliced the 2 horn wires together, completing the circuit and it fired right up. So I guess the 'key' item on a Sachs would be the Horn connection, just like the Puke. The Sachs horn is definitely one, but im not sure what else.

Re: tail lights. complete the circuit

Is there such an item on a hobbit? P.S. where is the horn button supposed to be on a sachs, more specifically a g3, as mine came with nothing in the way of controls, I am currently using some from a yamaha razz.

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