Been working on my Swinger 2 (pics inside)

So I bought a Swinger 2 from some dude in Wisconsin, and he pretty much lied about the condition. Stripped pedal threads in one of the crank arms (wtf? how?), petcock busted in the closed position, gas tank has rust in it, etc. He said it "runs good." Okay, how does it run at all when the petcock won't even let any gas in?

Anyway, while I've been getting the parts together to repair the thing (and saving for a kit), I've been doing other things to it to pass the time.

Here's how it looked when I started:

Since then, I found some straight clubmans off a parted out CBR750, removed the fenders, and cut down the seat mount. So here she sits now:

I'm not happy with how the seat positioning is, so I'm going to have to do some more cutting to get it like so:

I just hope I don't have to do any welding since I don't have a welder! haha

I'm kinda glad that it doesn't run yet, because if it did I'd be riding it and not getting any work done to it. :)

Re: Been working on my Swinger 2 (pics inside)

Oh yeah, put some shorter shocks on it too, which required notching the upper shock mounts to allow the shocks to work at their new angle!

Re: Been working on my Swinger 2 (pics inside)

I love Swinger2, they are way better than Pintos, and that is an awesome color!

Re: Been working on my Swinger 2 (pics inside)

see i wanna do that to my handle bars ad seat but ive heard that its illegal in the state of ohio to have your bars and seat that low...

Re: Been working on my Swinger 2 (pics inside)

Yeah, I don't know anything about that actually. I know that in CA you can't have motorcycle handlebars higher than your shoulders, but I don't know about how low they can be over here, or if it even applies to mopeds.

And thanks Philip! I actually like the look of Pinto tanks, so if anyone wants to trade me a yellow Pinto tank I'm all for it! haha

I figure I'll get the bike where I want it aesthetically as far as the hard parts, then tear it back down and get it painted or powdercoated.

Re: Been working on my Swinger 2 (pics inside)

Powder coating is the only way to go!

Re: Been working on my Swinger 2 (pics inside)

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

what is different between swingers/pintos other than the name, chrome on tank, and chrome fenders?

Take off your speedo!

Re: Been working on my Swinger 2 (pics inside)

Haha, I'll get around to it.

Differences were basically different engines depending on model, spokes vs. mags, and I forget what else. Mostly cosmetic stuff though.

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