question on honda moped

Does anyone know if i can get a hop up kit or if there is any way that i can make a honda hobit 50 moped go faster, if so please e mail me, thanks Matt

Re: question on honda moped

1. Do something about the revlimiter. I'm not sure what kind of limiter the Hobbit has. If it's got a CDI-ignition the limiter is in the CDI-unit, replace the CDI-unit for an unlimited CDI or a Hyper CDI-unit. If the Hobbit has contactbreaker-ignition, then it's got a retarding mechanism inside the flywheel wich acts like a revlimiter. Block the "arms" on the inside of the flywheel so they can't move, this way you'll block the limiter and gain about 2000 rpm's! (2000 extra revs on 7000 rpm = 28% higher speed!)

2. Mount a bigger carburettor for extra acceleration, originally it'll have a 10, 12 or 13mm carburettor, mount a 16, 17, 19 or even a 20mm Keihin carb for a superb acceleration. It'll go like a rocket! With a 20mm you'll have more than double the acceleration you'll have with a 12mm!

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