im only getting about 21mph

so im getting about 21mph outta my 1980 puch maxi. lets see ive cleaned the crab. cleaned the gas tank. new tranny fluid. new throtte assem. and new jet for the carb. and re packed the front bearings. what should i do? trust me ive looked at freds guide. and dont yell at me if you dont want to respond dont.

Re: im only getting about 21mph

did you refill the blinker fluid reservior?

Re: im only getting about 21mph

you cleaned the exhuast yet?

you have a rare but not that much fun 1 horse?

You see if that back wheel spings nice and free?

Did you do a plug chop?

Hum in a new spark plug?

Re: im only getting about 21mph

i have taken the exhaust apart to deconstrict it and it didnt look to bad. it says 1,5 hourse on the side so i dont think its the 1 horse and im gonna repack the bearings in the rear wheel today. no new spark plug but ill go up and get one when my paycheck comes.

Re: im only getting about 21mph

Have you checked the exhaust belt.

Re: im only getting about 21mph

How about the knibbling pin?

(RIP, George)

Re: im only getting about 21mph

Have you done a plug chop? I think that's usually used more for performance tuning (as in, making your bike run faster than stock, whereas you're still trying to get to where it should be as stock), but that might be a place to start. Check for air leaks too. Also, you say you installed a new throttle assembly. Are you sure you're opening up the throttle all the way? Is your timing set right? Is your exhaust port clear (not just the exhaust, but the hole in the cylinder where it bolts on)? What kind of air filter are you using, and is it clean?

Re: im only getting about 21mph

lets see i have not done a plug chop yet i will at the end of the week. im positive the throttle is all the way open. i pulled the cable and there is no slack in it. ive checked the timing and i will check the exhaust port at the end of the week as well. and im using the original airfilter. how would i clean one of those? oh and i took apart the rear wheel today and it needed some cleaning. so i cleaned all thge nooks and cranies with a toothbrush and the sealed bearing in there feel a little bumpy so i think ill order some new ones. anyone know hoe to get those things out?

sorry for the long post.

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