You call that a carburetor??

THIS is a carburetor. From the golden age of Italian racing.


Re: You call that a carburetor??

One more


Re: You call that a carburetor??

man they didnt even run air filters.....

that is sick.

Re: You call that a carburetor??

spork Guarnierius /

That thing is awesome. I have one almost exactly like that on my Benelli/Wards Fireball/450SS. Mine is the Dellorto UA16S which looks a little smaller than yours and has more of an angle in the orientation of the bowl to the slide. You have to love that velocity stack.

Re: You call that a carburetor??

This is for a Benelli Cobra 175. The 125 engine uses an ME18BS, which I also have. This one is a UB22BS I had to order from the Old Country off, but at $127 shipped...hell of a deal. It's in good shape and stuff, only missing a banjo bolt ($9).

The bowls on these were interchangeable based on the angle the carb sat at on the intake manifold. The 450ss sits at an angle, so the bowl is angled to be level. The 175 sits level, so the bowl is upright. Those 450ss' are sweet, though.

I am really looking forward to having this Cobra done and rideable. If I ever decide it's too slow stock I will probly put a 27SS1 carb on it and an expansion pipe. Should be able to get it over 100 without much trouble if I decide to. Ive seen pictures of Cobras with full fiberglass race fairings. Probly out of my price range, but damn they look cool.

Re: You call that a carburetor??

Oof, give me a PWK anyday, even a copy of one. I mean the UA Dellortos are cool and retro, but carb tech has advanced in the last 60 years.


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