Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

Someone I know was looking into buying a new tomos arrow. They couldn't find any info on it's quality. So what's your opinion of the arrow. Great bike or junk?

Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

well, im a new rider and own a 2008 arrow. I love the thing. Its got a lot of kick, handles nicely and the tubeless tires are sweet-sweetass. Lights are a tad on the dim side and the bike vibrates mildly. The a55 engine takes hills like no prob. its light weight and not only stops on a dime, but it picks it up! That being said, the only other moped I've riden was a late 70's motobecane - so i'm not the authority on judging if a moped is good or bad. but im stoked on my arrow.

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

it's the scooter of mopeds. They're fun, but not really my style. Tomos in general are fantastic, though.

Sweet-sweetass indeed.

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

I just got one two weeks ago. All the research I did before buying seemed reassuring. The engine (A55) is the same as on most of the other new Tomos'. The only complaints I could find were of aesthetic opinion and some people have been adamantly opposed to the use of oil injection. The only complaint I have about the Arrow is that it is a beast, weighing in at about 140 lbs(about 40lbs heavier than the sprint). I would still buy it again, though!

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

you cant change out the rear sprocket on the arrow i heard.. dunno if its true but id check that out.. Unless your not looking to change anything but a rear sprocket does kick your speed up like 5 mph

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

David Virtue /

I have a 2006, new style Arrow and i love it. It is high quality and finish and has worked like a champ for 600 miles so far. It is a blend of noped/scooter and I think it looks good. I did change the rear sprocket and I can do 35+ on the flat with good pickup on hills. Try it. you'll be sold if you have an open mind.

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

I have an 05 with the conventional headlight. They run great. If you can find one, buy one.

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

Get a pedal start sprint or ST.

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

i love the lights on the racing arrow those are great

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

I couldn't help noticing how big the top end of the engine is on those. Whats that all about?

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

My buddy got one new a few months ago and he's up to like 1400 miles.

Stock they are quick off the line, but then quite slow. Like 30 top speed. There are exhausts, but jets for the PVHA are a bit tougher to find.

He kitted his and it goes faster, but it vibrates like crazy above 35. Like its vibrating itself apart.

Its fun to ride tough. Reminds me of my Chappy, so its durable and off-road ready!

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

Larry Harrison /

What sixe rear gear (20 or 22 ) did you put on

and where did you get it?

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

The 2005 Arrow may be the fastest if your came with a 16mm PHVA like mine did. Myron's Mopeds in Fullerton Ca. sells an 18 tooth rear sprocket and I seen Dustin hitting 42 mph on the flats with it on his 2008 red Arrow R.

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

Can you change the rear sprocket on the '05 to an 18?

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

Yes. My 05 has an 18 tooth from Myron's Mopeds. It has a uni pod air filter and Technigas pipe on it and goes 45 mph plus all day long. Talk to Shaun the owner of Myron's Mopeds. He fabricates the gear and can be reached at (714)992-5592 in Fullerton, Ca. You may have one of the fast 05 like me that came with the 16 mm carb on an A55.

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

I hope I do. Thanks. All I know is it came with a fuel filter and that's supposed to be good. Was the gear hard to change?

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

I think it's the easiest of all the Tomos models.

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

Did you have to rejet with air/pipe change? Thanks

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I got a 06 Arrow R and have put 340 miles on it. I love it like no other, it is my child and my mother.

I had it shipped to me from heeters with a 70cc kit, Biturbo Exhaust and a larger carb jet (not sure what size). Out of the box it was slower than my friends LX (LX had new rear sprocket) and it vibrated something FIERCE! I did fill it with premium gas 3 times before realizing I was supposed to go with the lower octane (nOOb mistake) so that could have contributed to the vibration.

After about 200 miles and the right gas it ran like a new moped. It's now faster than both friends with the LX going over 40mph at top speed and very smooth. I will be replacing my air filter and possibly going with a bigger jet, but I don't know much about jets yet.

I've heard people hate on it because of the aesthetics. It does look like a scooter but thats not a real issue for me.

I love the front disc brake and the front head lights, also the flat black is real nice to look at.

I've got questions:

What front and rear sprocket sizes come stock on the Arrow R?

Are the sprockets the same as other Tomos mopeds with A55 engines?

This thread seems to say that a 18 tooth rear sprocket with my stock front sprocket is what I should be looking for to increase my top speed, is this correct?

If I do go with the 18 tooth sprocket will it dramatically take away from acceleration?

When I'm going up a hill i wish that the arrow would kick in to the faster speed sooner. Would any of these sprocket combos help or worsen this problem?

The receipt from heeters just says main jet, and nothing about the size of jet that I've received. How can I tell if I need to up-jet again when i attach the less restrictive filter?

Thanks to anyone that can help!

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As far as the motor leave it along. It is kitted and set by professionals at Heeters. If you are already going 40 the 18 tooth rear sprocket will help to get to 45 to 50. Put the green springs in both the first gear and second gear clutch. It will place you into the torque band to start out better in first gear and shift at a higher speed into second gear. I think the stock gears are 26 front and 24 on the rear. I need to check the books if it was 24. The front is 26.

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THanks! I did end up giving myrons a call and should have that 18t sprocket in no time. The person at myrons told me to leave the front sprocket alone because even with the cutting and modification to the case the front sprocket has a tendency to get loose and reek havoc. He also said that the 26:18 gearing is the most ideal set up.

I've never messed with the clutch. Is this something thats relatively easy or should I take this to a pro? Are the GREEN springs already in there? or do I need to go buy them, and from where?

Re: Tomos Arrow. Good? Bad?

my arrow is an 08, zack already said.

Love how it looks, Rides differently than a puch or 70's moped, cause of the wide tires,

Tubeleesss tires save my life.

vibrates a shit ton over 35.

i had a 70cc airsal, estoril exhaust, 21pgbhg.

Changed teh front sprocket to a 27 or something, and it rips hard all the way around, keeps up with all my friends super fancy reed valve puch technology, but then gets to about 45 and just wont go anymore, if you know then you know about the a55 retarded cdi thingie.

lights on the front suck.

overall a super sick and comfortable bike,

hits jumps like no other.

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