Pics of my ped

Finally found time to take few pics of one of my mopeds.

This one is ROG pony Express with Puch E50 engine from 1980.

Also, I have Solex S3800 from 1967, but haven't managed to take few pics of it now.

"Photos here ":


Re: Pics of my ped

Cool color! It almost matches my Ibanez guitar.

Re: Pics of my ped

Neat frame!

Pics of my ped

That color is awesome, I had a cruiser bike that exact color when I was like 10.

Pics of my ped

Jerry Franek /

Nice ride! And you seem to be the only Moped Army guy in Macedonia. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Re: Pics of my ped

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

The color! It can't be not noticed.

Re: Pics of my ped


I'm the only MA rider around here.

Nobody even knows about MA here.

In the past (in Yugoslav era) there were a lot of Tomos and Rog mopeds around so now nobody wants them anymore.

People are buying some junk Chinese scooters or bigger bikes (those with deep pockets).

Actually, a lot of people make jokes when they see me on my mopeds but f..k'em.

I really enjoy riding them and make all the repairs by my self. It's simple as that. I inherited ROG from my father and Solex from my Grandpa.

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