Honda Question

I've recently put off modding my hobbit because it just runs so sexily and I've put all my money/time/effort into my ssxl. But today I was just rereading some of those awesome old mod posts. Then I came across the topic of malossi racing gears and remembered how bad I wanted them.

So I went on a quick search to see if I couldn't find myself some of these ultra-rare/discontinued gears.

What I found were malossi racing gears for a Honda PXR.

It looks a lot like the camino. I couldn't find any specs on it, there are a few different, but very similar models: The PX, PXR, and PXL.

What are these? Caminos? 4 Stroke? 2 Stroke? And then ultimately, I'm going to try to figure out if these gears will fit on my hobbit.

And on an unrelated note: Tuning in europe blows us to pieces.

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