my ped pic

freaking finally i got my scaner working got my ped pic on the site cheack it out tell me what you think. yeah i know its just a tomos and the plug cap is gone . i was waiting for a coil

Re: my ped pic

looks like you converted it to a top tank. are you just using the top one or does it have a double gas tank?

Re: my ped pic

coricidin /

well when i got the bike it had been setting for like 7or 8 years with the gas cap off so i just took the tank off of my old 77 lazer and fabed a bracket off the tip of my seat pan and just drilled some self taping screws threw the tabs of the tank into my old tank i also rapped ruber inertubes around the bracket and between the two tanks so no bzzzzzzrtt. but it would be badass to have two tanks

Re: my ped pic

I hope self-tapping sheet-metal screws are enough to hold it there. You might want to think about using some loc-tite on those bitches, so they don't work loose. I'd figure a way to through-bolt it somehow if I were you.

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