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I sold my Batavus to my BFF Beau (see attached photo). It was bittersweet saying goodbye to the ol' Bat, I had big dreams to get her going over 35.

Beau's a real solid dude, and excited to be a moped owner. He recently moved to Warsaw though, so I can't be there to help him learn everything. If any of you nothern indiana guys see him, say hello. And if any of you guys have parts, he's looking for the 26mm exhaust header.

Re: hey motion left

The Batavus is a good first ped, and it's also good to sell it.

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Re: hey motion left

i'm sharing the love, Phil.

btw - i got it doing a steady 28 stock with the smaller exhaust header. I really think with a little work that Bat could be legendary.

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