I got my first ticket...

...and i'm pissed. $105 and 2 points on my license for going around a cop that had someone pulled over. Improper lane use for not staying as close to the cop car as possible. WTF mate!!!

Re: I got my first ticket...

go fight it.

Re: I got my first ticket...

i dont get what you did wrong.

Re: I got my first ticket...

Hey, guess what? You get to contest the ticket!

I would.

Re: I got my first ticket...

Cop said i was to far to the left in the right lane (if that makes sense). He says i should have been riding the curb. I kindly told him that i was passing him safely and then he proceded to write me a ticket. Not so sure what i did wrong either but i'll have to read up on the Michigan moped laws again.

Re: I got my first ticket...

pffft too far left, that's bullshit

that's the lamest excuse for a ticket i've ever heard

you were in your lane, and that's all that should matter

Re: I got my first ticket...

he told you that mopeds have to ride on the curb in michigan? that isn't true. mopeds have every rights as a car from what i remember riding there.


Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

This cop actually ticketed you for following proper riding procedure for mopeds. Print this out and get your mitts on the moped laws from your local SOS office and fight this, you are most definitely in the right.


Good job Matt. Do fight it - the judge will throw this one out, guaranteed, and he'll likeley get pissed at the cop when he hears the story.

Judges are not like cops at all. I know a few.


I'm impressed they have a new moped release! Go Michigan.

Re: I got my first ticket...

"Distance to the Side

Be careful when a vehicle passes. Trucks can create

gusts of wind that affect your steering. When you

pass parked cars, allow for people opening doors

and getting out of vehicles by moving to the left

side of your lane. Move further over to the right

when oncoming traffic passes you."

shove that down his throat!

Re: I got my first ticket...

no groms no blasters /

no, you got a ticket for correcting a police officer. given that the administrators at traffic court are appointed by the fucking pigs, you won't have a chance.

Talk to cops; go to jail. It's the law.

Re: I got my first ticket...

Fight it, it is about the state needing the money. Ask for a jury trial to take so much of thier time it is a net loss.


Re: I got my first ticket...

From your explanation I think you could fight it and win.

Part of me wants to say "Welcome to the club", there, I said it! I've gotten tickets in sports cars, muscle cars, even a Yugo but, I'm most proud of my moped violation.

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