Suzuki FA-50 scooter, NEED ADVICE PLEASE

I might get a 1985 Suzuki FA-50 for $300. It is in perfect running condition(only 27 mph-any faster ways to get it going????)only 1,700 miles and is blue. Everything works. Is it worth $300, can i find parts to make it faster??

Re: Suzuki FA-50 scooter, NEED ADVICE PLEASE

Reeperette /

Sure, it's worth $300.00, but as for parts, all I can say is good friggin luck.

I have two of them I am trying to be RID of, given that the Fa-50 has some pretty serious and near-insurmountable design flaws.

#1 - The Oil Mix is wrong...your first long trip on that thing will more than likely seize the motor, requiring a cylinder and piston replacement possibly, rings at the very least, and just TRY findin rings for that thing.

Injector mixes at 32:1 (Best Guess), but for any long trip, you had better go 25:1 or even 20:1...or you'll regret it...I did.

#2 - The muffler.

The part attached to the cylinder is on one end of the suspension, and the retaining bolt at the the other end, so the attachment points being at different ends of the suspension, every little bump in the road strains those attachments, and either A - The bolts holding it to the cylinder will snap off up inside it...or B - The bolt holding it to the bike will strip, causing it to dismount, and quite possibly BOTH A&B will happen, in reverse order, as it falls off clanging on the road....repeatedly....we tried everything, we even eventually WELDED the damn thing in place, and the pipe snapped.

#3 - The Transmission.

Heaven help you if you ever need to repair that, it's not a moped trans, but rather a moped-sized copy of a C-V type snowmobile trans...good luck finding anyone who can fix that, or even a Suzuki Dealer who would dare admit they might...and parts, heh, you'd need divine intervention.

Now, if you can deal with or get past alla that, sure...put up the $300...just remember you are more than likely buying a money pit.

And if you do, and need parts, I got em in plenty, and they'd go cheap if you wanna haul both of these ^#%@$!*&^%# Suzuki Fa-50's offa my lawn...hell, I will even throw in a coupla new-in-box sets of brake shoes for your trouble.

Good Luck, you'll need it..


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