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What are the possible hazards of having a drive chain tension that's too loose? I'm wondering because I have a Puch Maxi that the drive chain seems a bit loose, but when I tightened it (by pulling the wheel back) it was making a terrible grinding noise, so I put the wheel forward again. It runs fine and it's not TOO bad, but I thought I'd see if this could cause any terrible damage... or if anybody might know what that rattling/grinding noise was (seemed to be coming from the front sprocket when chain was tight).


Re: chain tension

do u have chain tentionors??

Re: chain tension

Not sure... what are those... are they the things at the back that you can tighten or loosen the nuts on to move the wheel slightly forward or back?

Re: chain tension

yep...thats what they are

Re: chain tension

Yes, I have those. So I loosened the big six sided nuts on either side of the axle and then used the chain tensioners... but how do you know how much to turn them? And do they both have to be exactly equal? Anyway, when I got the chain the proper tension, there was a rattling/grinding sound from the front sprockets, so that's why I've put it back to it's looser state---what sort of problems could it cause leaving it this way?

Thanks again!

Re: chain tension

too loose, you could throw your chain. too tight, it could break. both are bad.

i would actually recommend getting a brand new chain if your chain is old. the chain might be loose because of stretching after thousands of miles of use. a new chain might help quite a bit.

the chain tensioners should be even, because you want your rear wheel aligned properly. otherwise you could run into serious problems.

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