while the rest of boston's mopeders were in newton fixing their bikes, i was banished to central mass as my brother commandeered my apartment (but for ducats, so not a total loss).

buuut all was not lost as i managed to fix marley's float today!!! i bought her on ebay in late may and when the petcock was turned on after three or four seconds she was pouring liquid out the carb overflow like an excited puppy. you might recognize her as the old shriner columbia commuter moped, or my little rasta moped, as i lovingly call her.

i took apart the carb, thought i fixed the float, put it back together, found out i hadn't, took it apart, lost the pin, found the pin, lost the pin, cleaned everything with carb cleaner and adjusted the metal rings holding the float in place, found the pin, used toothpicks to get random weird pieces of gunk out of brass tubes (this bing looks nothing like bones's gurtner) put it back together, and voila, she runs like a champ, doesn't drizzle gasoline at the sight of me, and clocks at at least 25 according to a wobbly gps that i held as i was steering with one hand going up a hill not at wot.

this might not seem like much to any of you but this is the first time i have taken apart a carburetor without tim's immediate assistance, and the first time i've ever seen a bing.

today was a pretty good day after this float success, minus the disaster of the rest of my life. now, am i bringing her back to boston tomorrow? if i can clock her going over 30mph i'll bring her and maybe test her on the wednesday ride.

Re: yay!

if there is a fix it next weekend ill set you up with a spare bing ( square sachs one ) and i have a new float and a billion other ones.

Re: yay!

awesome susan now you have 2 running peds il drop off bones soon

Re: yay!

i think theres actually an entry in the dsm4 that deals with the compulsion to name inanimate objects. no reason.

Re: yay!

dude theres nothing wrong with naming mopeds or anything

whatever keeps her happy

Re: yay!

General Jackson /

I just got a 77 columbia commuter and I was wondering how you like her, outside of the obvious carb problems and the 25mph.

it's coming all the way from ebay and I won't even get to see it till I get home in september!

just curious how you like it, and if yours has coaster brakes.

good luck with marley!

and naming shit is awesome.

mine is named Bill (Puch) Murray

Re: yay!

dsmV will have an entry about the acute inability of people to properly convey sarcasm via the internet.

Re: yay!

shut up dont make me come down there i know il get lost in boston but il eventually find where you live haha

Re: yay!

fine, but can you help me fix my batavus engine before the fisticuffs start.

Re: yay!

coaster brakes...are those the ones where you push the pedal backward? if so, marley does not have that, she has regular handbrakes. and by regular i mean the right one only works slightly.

i actually love her, although it might be because she's yellow and red and green. and she seems so much simpler than my motobecane. she sat in the garage for a month, a month!!! and started right up again on the first kick today. amazing!

i think parts can be tricky to get (like on ebay) but i think she's a stylish bike and reliable so far.

there's a picture of her in the photos section under 1979 columbia commuter, she's the harlequin lady.

Re: yay!

sachs are rockin

Re: yay!

oh thanks andrew, i think it works now but if it stops functioning again a spare might come in handy. even though getting the float off was a beast; lining up the pin so that it feeds through the loop-holes on the float correctly was kind of nightmarish.

the naming is so that i have something to cry out as i weep on my walks home, pedals hitting my legs, gas flowing everywhere, leaving a trail of my sadness around the greater boston area. my sadness smells like petrol.

also, her speedo/odo cable is disconnected, i need to work on that but i'm afraid because there's a conglomeration of STUFF inside the headlight.

Re: yay!

life is pain

Re: yay!

i loves to name anything that isn't living. anything tyhat is living is called you or butt

Re: yay!


Re: yay!

a veritable veil of tears...

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