sachs double restriction?

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I just helped a noob get his 87 sachs mopet going and it only goes 25. I found the restrictor inside the jet and took that out, but that's what got it up from 20. do you think there is a restrictor in the muffler as well and if so where is it?

deep inside or where it connects to the top end?

I also just got a 778 sachs westlake or whatever on ebay and am gonna have to do this to it when it gets here so any help is very welcome.


Re: sachs double restriction?

25 isn't too bad for a sachs.

Re: sachs double restriction?

25 is horrible for a sachs!

Restrictor on the jet? are you talking of the screen?

The exhaust pipe is restricted if it is 3/4 in diameter. Un if its the 1"....

Re: sachs double restriction?

It could be a sachs b engine.

Re: sachs double restriction?

humanaquarian gets the award of MA's one-upper.

Re: sachs double restriction?

you should check the engine ID plate and se if it's a 1a, 1b, or 1d

in the case of a "B" 25 is pretty good. "A" was meant to do 25 but is often around 30 anyway. The "D" is higher compression and displacement and should be able to break 30 without a sweat. Sachs did incorporate a restricted pipe on some bikes. Check the header pipe and see is it reduces in size after it comes off the cylinder, The non restricted pipe should fit nicely. The other restriction unique to the "B" was the 10mm carb, again it's easy to get around by buying a 12mm square bing.

Re: sachs double restriction?

25 on a Sachs is very normal. Because most of em are very restricted.

What you can do:

Get a bigger carb. You can fit a 15mm square or round bing onto it. The round bing needs a little mod-work to fit.

Get a fast pipe. Like a Gianelli. Should get you 5 to 10MPH or so.

De-restrict the airbox or get a foam-filter. Drill some holes in the stock airbox, so it breathes easier. You might need to upjet after that.

And if you want to go really fast, you can get a kit. But be aware that Sachs clucthes aren't really up to the stress a kit brings.

Re: sachs double restriction?

Well if your foxi is gettting 25, there is something wrong, mine goes 38, stock

Thats all Ill say

you sir, are the man

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i'm just telling everyone that Brent, aka Reverend, is a man filled with awesomeness and WIN. he came over and showed a TOTAL NOOB how to make a non-running moped run, how to clean the carb, how the parts work, etc etc etc. under his tutelage i hope to buy more mopeds, fix them, ride them, love them, be them.

Brent, next time you're in the 216 you have a place to stay, and we'll keeep you fed as well.


Re: sachs double restriction?

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we took the airbox off to see if that would help, but it was getting way too much air and ran like crap. i'm about to ride it some more.... and then i will report....

really trying not to buy a fast pipe, the stock pipe looks baller.

Re: sachs double restriction?

My foxi is faster than 25, but with all the original stock parts it wouldn't hit 30.

and you should GPS your "stock 38 mph foxi." there's NO WAY it goes that fast stock.

Re: sachs double restriction?

Yeah well mine goes 100 stock.

sachs double restriction?

When I had the stock pipe on mine, I was getting about 28-29. I'm now running without the airbox, and either a gianelli pipe or a biturbo with stock header and easily hitting 35. It's a 505/1c, square bing carb with stock 58 jet.

Re: sachs double restriction?

You got some kind of complex or something??? Why do you keep griefing my posts???they have NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU AND YOUR SHITTY RUNNING FOXY!!!

PS if you read my posts instead of your pre frontal lobe just compulsively firing would see I am running the 35 MPH unrestricted( stock) pipe, and its top speed on flat( if there is such a thing in STL)

PS, GPS is NOT an accurate indicator, if it was Id be going 42, not 38...but then again my GPS may be shiitty, but my bike is not!

Go work on your bike and impress me that way, quit tring to rouse me up! rmaybe loose some wieght- that has been suggested before on this site...

{ok everyone freak out now, humanaquarian said something!) Ooooooh.

Re: sachs double restriction?

they have a non-restricted stock pipe, G3s came with them, there are a few on eBay.

Re: sachs double restriction?

uh, first of all, all I wrote was that 25 on a stock sachs isn't too bad. I never even mentioned my foxi.

You were the one to write that your STOCK foxi goes 38 mph one-upping me for no apparent reason.

THEN, you continued to ridicule me for saying something is wrong with MY foxi if mine is only going 25... which i never said it was that slow.

I believe you were the one compulsively firing off.

Re: sachs double restriction?

erinl, don't worry he's just mad because you have lady parts and he doesn't, that way people don't like him remember.

Re: sachs double restriction?

you fools are soooooooooooo boring! I was helping the guy out, not one upping or making fun, re-read the timeline, exact sequence of events...and Dustin, dont get me started man, dont try to be a little suck up hero.


sachsy update

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we have a few theories about why i'm only getting about 24-25 mph right now.....

it runs like crap unless you hold in the choke.....

theory 1) i didn't mix the oil/gas properly and there's too much oil in the gas.

theory 2) wrong spark plug. i just grabbed whatever looked like it would fit when i picked up the plugs. sometime soon i'm going to get the correct OE plug

theory 3) need to upjet since we removed the restrictor on the needle.

the sachs is taking a back seat now that it does run. right now i'm trying to get a 78 motron classic running.... but that's a whole 'nother thread....

Re: sachsy update

General Jackson /

you guys are so funny. last time i checked it's illegal to go over 30 anyway :)

and yeah there was a restrictor in the jet. you know that tiny little brass cylinder that's in the tube behind the jet. anyway, i'm glad to hear you got another bike chris. there is also a sweet vespa bravo for sale in akron ohio for $100. he says he's selling it for parts because it's been sitting and the carb and tank need cleaning and the piston needs oiling!!!

$100 obo.

man I wish i had my truck here so that I could by all the sweet cheap peds and take them home......

Re: sachsy update

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

I'm totally going to start burning people with the wiki. That's awesome.

Re: sachsy update

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i emailed him a few days ago and no reply... when he gets back to me trust me SWOOP SWOOP it's mine....

Re: sachsy update

General Jackson /

glad to hear it, I shed a single tear when i saw it sitting there on craigslist all alone....

p.s. my guy in nashville apparently has six bikes he's working on in nashville right now. I put a spark under his ass when i asked him to be my mechanic and he's taken things into his own hands. it's freakin sweet!

yet another update.....

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update part 3....

changed the spark plug..... no change

new 92 octane gas with perfect 50 to 1 premix..... no change...

tomorrow im going to look for that 'restrictor' i hope i can find it....

the motron needs a more professional touch....

Re: yet another update.....

General Jackson /

last i saw it was in that plastic bowl. but i know someoneelse said you need it, but i can't understand why that would hold back the gas. i think you need a bigger jet. you can buy a pack of them for like 8 bucks and then just try them out till you get one that works

Re: yet another update.....

what size carb/intake do you have? what letter is on the cylinder? get a new exhaust from handybikes that has a wider header on it. that'll help with more air flow. also, if youre wanting to invest some money on another airbox and toy with drilling holes into it for more air.. try that. find some new jets while your at it (these are harder to come by...)

use wiki, it's your friend.

right on

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that is freaking sweet. you know what else? there are more cheap peds in NE ohio than you can shake a barrel full of kittens with. here's what i'm picking up next... a baby blue motobecane... for one fitty! also some guy has a stable of 4 puch's, a newport and 3 maxi's, and i'm going to do my best to bring em all home. and just tonight another puch surfaced for 150! WTF!!!! my car is in the shop (@#!# ALTERNATROR???) otherwise i'd be showing off my third ped!

.... crazy...


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the pic is with the new handlebars i put on today. i'm really proud that i didn't break anything doing it... cause 20 year old cable breaks easily...

here is what it says on the carb:


and on the engine:


right now i'm using the choke together with the throttle pretty much all the time.

when i was riding today, i had really long flat stretches where it actually got up to 30-32 somehow, but it was only for a few miles, then it went back to topping out at 25. it wants to go faster!!!

also, i had some broken bikes in my garage and i decided i would put some different handlebars on. it was a lot of work and i almost broke a few cables, but i think it looks better.

it's getting plenty of air. i think i need to upjet. and brent, that restrictor might be gone.... it wasn't in the bowl, and it's so freaking tiny....


Re: thanks!

Yeah man, I hate when you go to do something cosmetic to a bike and you end up breaking something kind of crucial to the function. There is various products you can apply to old rubber/plastic to give them back some of there suppleness and make them a little less brittle, I use armor all but I'm sure there are some products made for that specific application.

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