Moped blues

its been almost 3 weeks.... I had to send my moped to the shop to get the tank relined because of rust. I tryed all your suggestions but rust would come back. So off i sent it. the repair man said it would be 2 weeks. 2 weeks pass, i call up wanting to know a good pick up time, and he tells me he hasnt gotten to it and it will be another 2 weeks! Arg! I felt like goin postal! well the next day, my steo dad went in there (lets just say hes a.. um... very good nogoshiater (cant spell it)) soo She comes back this friday. it feels like eternity.

Re: Moped blues

you can probably fix the tank yourself. there's a "right" way to do it using some sort of acid ... some people have posted that before.

a quick way to do it is to put some gas in your tank along w/ small nuts/washers ... shake it up hard and drain the tank ... repeat as long as necessary ... also you can try spraying lots of that carb cleaner/fuel injector stuff into the mix.

if you run w/ an inline fuel filter, you can help keep tons of that rust from your carb. it's worth a shot.

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