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Hello. I am a vintage scooterist who has just entered the moped world with my purchase of a 1978 Puch Moped. I'll be uploading pictures very soon. Its a very clean and straight moped, 1 owner, 800 miles on the engine. I was even given the original receipt from the shop he bought it from. I am wondering if someone could answer some questions that I have been having. Here we go...

1st - Identification. I know the year of the moped is 1978 from the stamp. I am assuming the model is Maxi, although there is nothing on the frame indicating that. From having looked at enough Maxis on this site, I am really not sure. It has the original stickering, the font of the Puch sticker on the tank looks like "ye olde puch". There is no model name sticker on the frame anywhere, nor does it look like it even once _had_ any indicating "newport" or "maxi" like some pictured mopeds on this site. If someone could more or less explain (be as overly detailed as you wish) the difference between all of the Puch moped models and the different configurations that were available, 1hp, 1.5hp, 2hp, 2 speed etc, that would help me and interest me greatly.

2nd - I need new tires. 2.25 - 17. Could anyone list for me the tire makes and models that will fit? Any that you recommend? I am not too partial to any brand, mostly curious to see a complete list of the options and what is available to order. Whitewalls might be cool...

3rd (and last) - Parts and accessories. I am accustomed to having to chase down parts and accessories from some pretty random places for my motor vehicles, so I'm prepared for few (or no) options for aftermarket parts and accessories for the Puch. Whats out there? Are we to the point where there is one guy in Texas or something hordes all the old Puchs and parts them out, or are there a few euro companies that make certain parts? I'd love to know.

Sorry for the long post, but I have lots of questions, moped nooby that I am. Looking forward to more correspondence...

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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