Question for CHAPPY (yamaha) owners

What parts (if any, besides body) are interchangeable between an LB50 and LB80? Thanks

Re: Question for CHAPPY (yamaha) owners

from what I gather, mostly just body and cosmetic pieces. I know the top ends are not swappable, but maybe the bottom ends are the same. Tires, wheels, sprockets, pedal assemblies, carbs, speedos, cables are all swappable. I've only had 4 of the 50cc chappies, never had an 80cc chappy, but thats what I gathered from searching these forums when I had mine.

Re: Question for CHAPPY (yamaha) owners

Thanks. I'm trying to decide if a 600 mile round trip to get a non running LB80 is worth it for $150.

Re: Question for CHAPPY (yamaha) owners

if it is complete it would 2 cents

Question for CHAPPY (yamaha) owners

Mostly just controls, lights and that kind of stuff. Motors are different. I got some LB50 and LB80 stuff if you are interested. Even a couple of cool project bikes.


Re: Question for CHAPPY (yamaha) owners

I've only got an LB80.

It seems to me that the ONLY thing that is non compatable is the cylinder, and the way it mounts to the engine. the rest of the engine is the same. I know, I have used a lb50 as a parts bike.

the muffler is a little different, the pedal starty thing is LB50 only but the vast majority of the bike is identical.

Oh yeah chappy fans, my LB80 is available for purchase in southern Maine

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I would go 600 miles to pick one up. Chappys are good little bikes often used as the family car outside of the USA.

I wonder if the extra 22cc makes much of a difference

from the LB50 to LB80.

I had been hoping the LB80 top end would work on my LB50.

It would have been a cheap easy upgrade. Everyone I have spoken with says no, or maybe machining would be required.

An afterarket bigbore kit sounds like an easy less expensive bet.

I hope I am right on this that some people put 60cc yamaha trizinger and quad top ends on LB50's.

My LB50 has almost 5000 miles on it. No history but has good compression so top end will stay on it for awhile, before really trying to see why the LB80 top end work.


Re: Question for CHAPPY (yamaha) owners

Thanks everyone. I am leaning towards driving to get the LB80. It seems to be complete and even has the pedals. I was able to get my LB50 in the back of my Hyundai accent pretty well and I get about 35-40 MPG depending on driving and weather so it would only cost me 2 tanks of gas to get it which would cost me around $200 total for the chappy (including gas). Salty, I may contact you soon about some parts if you want to part with them.

Re: Question for CHAPPY (yamaha) owners

Well I decided I'm going Sunday to pick up the LB80. Man it is going to be a long day of driving but I think this may become an obsession.

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