help me im new

hello and help, i have a 150cc moped and it says it is manufactered by WAOO, but i cant seem to find any info about them or my bike, my bike will start but now it wont stay idleing, when i stop it dies , also i dont know how to tune it up...........PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME.....

Re: help me im new

Bruce Edwards /

Can't be a moped if it's over 49cc. It's a scooter. I can't even find it on-line. I think you're out of luck here.

Re: help me im new

why did u buy a damn chinesse bike anyway they are junk as you will soon find out or already have......

Re: help me im new

probably your idle jet. Nobody here can help you though. Try a scooter board as this bike is in no way shape or form a moped.

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