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Alright kids, being new to this forum I may have posted in the wrong spot so bear with me. I've got a 2006 Tomos Streetmate with 3000+ miles. I've been riding for about 2 years. I've finally started to make some upgrades and I have a few questions. First of all I've got the unipod air filter, Technigas exhaust as well as a carb kit.

I just ordered some drag bars and am planning on ordering some new grips today. I'm curious how difficult it'll be to switch everything out from the old bar to the new. I don't need to adjust cables they'll be fine at their current length. But as far as the throttle side is concerned I'm worried it'll end up being a pain in the arse to swap the right side out. I've got plenty of experiance with anything mechanically inclined but I'd like some input regarding the swap in general.

I'm also getting a 70cc Airsal Kit and most likely a big daddy torque sprocket. The guys at Steves Mopeds have been a huge help and my main supplier of parts. I'm topping out at around 37mph now. With the kit I'm sure I'll gain more speed but with the sprocket I'll lose some and gain the torque I need to get around the hills here and maybe even pop some wicked wheelies. Enough of the rambling, let the post wars begin.

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yo not to be a dick or anything but there is a performance tuning area on the website.

oh and welcome to the site, I've only been here about a month myself.

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Granted my post isn't completely performance mod related, but I'll bump it over there

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Your question was: "I’ve finally started to make some upgrades and I have a few questions. First of all I’ve got the unipod air filter, Technigas exhaust as well as a carb kit. "

so yes, i was completely performance tuning related

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General Jackson /

he was asking about the handle bar switch out, not the performance part.

if you start a sentence with "yo not to be a dick or anything" you are being a dick, even though you put in a disclaimer.

also the question you quoted was not a question. i.e. notice the lack of a question mark at the end of the sentence.

lastly I would say that it would be worth the trouble, it's just loosening some screws and wiggling some grips off and then the same thing in reverse. if you already tricked it out that much, then why not go all the way?

p.s. how do you like the streetmate, i've had an eye on them for a minute

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I love my streetmate. The common step-through mopeds just isn't very visually pleasing. I wouldn't trade it for anything, and i'll probably keep it untill it explodes, then i'll just build a new engine and keep on riding, side bags, drag bar, 40+ mph. I'm not a big mph freak because around here mopeds are not suppoe to go over 30mph so speed isn't really my main concern, but it'll help once i start adding the cosmetic mods to keep it up to speed.

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General Jackson /

cool. i dig mystep thru cause in the winter i can put my feet up on the frame and curl up to keep warm. or just put a 12 pack of pbr there and hold onto it with my legs :)

I'm opening a shop in nashville tn and was trying to decide which new tomos's to stock.

thinking the sprint and the revival since it seems to hold two people comfortably.

is your streetmate a two seater? if so how does it ride with a lady on the back?

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I wasnt being a edick i was just telling him where to post. And what i quoted was a question it just didnt have a question mark. HE even says i have a few questions. And mentions the upgrades he is planningon doing and wants input.


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I have an 06 streetmate I bought off a kid in the sticks. It needed a little tlc and still working out the bugs but I freakin love it. And as long as the riders aren't huge it is a nice little two seater if you add pegs. Does anyone know why my alternator is only putting out exactly 6 volts. I thought the new tomos's were all 12v systems but it still kickstarts and runs great.

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Oh no looks like dick poster got lost in the post storm. Trying to speak your opinions when it's past the point never works. Learn how to use forums.

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