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Hello Cub owners, I have traded a honda 70 trail for an old 1965 honda 50 c100 and have it running and looking like new, but I have no manuals. Two questions? On the head light bucket there is a netural light, would this come on when key is turned on or when running only? This also has two winkie lights on the handle bars, but there never was any buld sockets or bulbs nor is there any switches on the handle bars for turn signals, was this normal and they put the real winkie lights on the C102 model? Thank you.....

Re: Honda cub 50 1965

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Hey there. I have a 65 C100. That neutral light only seems to come on when the bike is running, I haven't seen it on with just the key. Those winker lights might just have been a cosmetic addition to your bike, as they were an option. If you did not get the option they might have just left the holes there. My bike has those holes, and they were just covered up with stickers by someone. It might be possible to wire your C100 up for blinkers, but it might be more trouble than it is worth. Hope this helps.

Re: Honda cub 50 1965

Hey thanks, the winkie holes had clear lens put over them and one is cracked and the other is faded bad, no sockets or blubs inside, I have order new lens from thiland, in fact I got new mirrors,seat,all the plastic and carb from thiland and maysalia. Been receiving items in about 10 to 12 days and a plus is that i can still get parts....thank you Monty

Re: Honda cub 50 1965

1965 Honda Cub Restored

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