Hobbit headlight mod

Hi, my hobbit casing is cracked, and frankly, even if I replaced it, I hate the way it looks, I wanted to know if somebody could point me towards a good way to modify the whole set up, while still using my existing, working headlight. Any advice or personal examples of what you've done with your headlights would be welcome.

Re: Hobbit headlight mod

I know pep-boys sells these dumbass performance HID fog-lights in the douche-bag section (with the puerto-rican mufflers and hula dash-icons)

You could probably get one of those and change out the Halogen light for a 12v

Re: Hobbit headlight mod

I just took a look on my hobbit, you can happily move the entire wiring harness into the horn's area.

Re: Hobbit headlight mod

King Drunky JCams /

I did a SWEET mod to my headlight.

I used a Pinto headlight bucket and made my own mounting bracket out of some flat-stock steel. The biggest bitch was getting the wires out of the old bars. The rest was easy.

I put on low bars to complete the transformation.

WAY better and way easy.

Sorry I don't have a picture handy.

Re: Hobbit headlight mod

I'm sticking some of those foglights on my rat Honda MB5. I'll post up the results.

Re: Hobbit headlight mod

Here is the Hobbit owned by Los Dorados member Justin:

I don't know exactly what he did. One day, he had a fucked-up-looking, stock, yellow Hobbit with rocks in the gas tank. One weekend later, he had some crazy-fast, Cafed-out, ripper Hobbit. He keeps his secret moped magic to himself, but if you need to know, I guess you can email him. I think moving the headlight to the horn area is the thing.

Re: Hobbit headlight mod

thanks, yeah. That's definitely what my plan is, but there's no way I have 1/10 of the technical skill to do any of that. I dunno...love the paint job on the fenders though.

I might do something simple like this:


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