Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

Harold and Trux are right.

Something I love to say out loud, but probably doesn't translate well here is "hey, that's mopeds." Things suck all the time. We're trying to keep a dead technology going.

It's apt that we all post on the Moped Army, because we are, essentially, scrounging for parts to make our shit run. This shit happens in the real Army (military) all the time. The reality is that we're trying to make a generation old, forgotten, technology work for us. I think that's part of the beauty of it. I love riding, I also love that it takes work to ride.

Your problem with Benji sucks. I try to stick with Warbux, 1977, and even Quarterkick because I love my gang, and then, the Moped Army. But when I need something I can't get through them, Benji has always been amazing, and quick. Never happened to me, but I've heard numerous times, about how he'll throw extra schwag in an order and make someone's day, gaskets or some-such, and that's awesome. He's done a lot of good work getting a lot of things for us that we couldn't get anywhere else. He's our Radar O'Reilly.

I guess I'm trying to say give him a break. Get a little perspective. We're a community, and he's been good to our community. It's not too much money, and he'll probably make it right, at least the next time you buy. He ain't T-Mobile, and these aren't cell phones. We aren't the huge market that we like to think we are. We should be thankful that we get the things in the US that we do. I wasn't around for it, but I've heard that there was a point when a kit was unheard of. Not 'not available'. but no one knew they existed. It's because of the shops that we have these things now.

Buy Warbux/1977.

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

The guys on vacation. Give him a break. It's 4th of July weekend...

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

I've had great luck with Benji. [Wow, is it really 2008 already??!]

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

treats haters can suck it.

think about it. benji gets over a hundred emails a day. most of them are kinda stupid...

questions and stuff that people can easily find out by doing a little reading. for example...

"will this kit work with this intake?"

"what pipe is a good match for ___________ kit?"

"here's my setup, _________, what jet range are you thinking?"

lame right? but benji takes it in stride and does his best to answer each one quickly and honestly.

but even if it only takes 3 minutes from the time he clicks on an email, to the time he sends it, muliply that by 100 and you get 300 minutes.

Do you have 5 hours to answer emails at work before you even get to do any actual work? packing, shipping, finding and aquiring new products?

i didn't think so.

he'll make it right. the dudes on vacation. so chill out and keep this kinda stuff in emails, and off the forums.

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

i hate that seattle mopeds fuck

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

Moped Game Sally Struthers /

yeah. that guy defines "a piece of shit."

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

This thread makes me want to scrounge through my couch cushions for change so I can order more treats!

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

Is he still selling the kind of big tomato?

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!


and a treasure map

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

yeah i hear its some long haired hippy that runs seattle mopeds. fucking hippies

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

i do wish he would make up a few taco stickers, i want one for my toolbox

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

no stickers?!!? what fuggin year is it where a man cant buy a sticker!??!

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!


Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

I think benji does a lot of business off of ebay. often times i'll just email him and ask how much the total would be and paypal him that.

he did mess up one of the orders i got this week too, but i know he'll be really quick to make it right. and it's good that we can trust him to do that.

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

ah! correction, benji didnt mess it up at all. i just missed the e-mail he sent me that explained it all beforehand.

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

treats has always been super helpful with me.. giving me extras in my packages and whatnot...

i suggest posting smileys on your email. that's always helped me with getting treated.

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

Everyone's already said everything.

I just wanted to let Wayne know that he scored points with me on the MAS*H refference..

Re: Problems with Treats?!?!

Ben is my friend I love the dude he is like the fairy god mother of moped stores, I dont mean it the way you freaks are thinking. LOL

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