A little help..

Got a 1985 Suzuki FA50 running Great. Very few miles, te lights act weird hough. The turn signals do not flash, I think it might be a flasher unit-how do I find a replacement? The other thing, may or may not be related, is that when you put on the brakes, the lights all fade, as if there was a short. Any ideas?



Re: A little help..

The only thing I know about FA50s is that there are now manuals that you _should_ be able to access.


If you can't access those, let me know and I'll try to fix it.

Good luck!

Re: A little help..

Hey post this in the repair forum for better results

Re: A little help..

Does it or did it have a battery? The battery may be your problem, if it takes one.

Re: A little help..

You need a battery, they're over-priced IMHO so I just hand signal.

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