Kinetic? Worth it?

I've been offered a Kinetic moped from 2004 in running order from a friend for $100. As i've never heard of kinetic, i was wondering if its a good moped. I'm looking to keep it as a moped so when i have a friend over, i have a riding partner, because everything in life is always better in 2's.

So is a kinetic a good moped. And also, is it easy to work on and how is the availability of parts for it, both just normal parts, and performance parts?

As for it being 100 bucks, i think either way i'll buy it, just wanna know what its all about. I've got a tomos targa right now.

Re: Kinetic? Worth it?

Uncle Samson /

as long as it runs well, then yes it is worth a 100 to me. ive got a kenetic and it starts up everytime, sits outside, and only gets gas in the tank.

Re: Kinetic? Worth it?

Any moped that has or had pedals, that has an engine that will run and do over 20 mph is worth $100. Cosmo may have a performance exhaust for it.If it has a turnsignal kit on it, all roads lead to where this moped is at , for a quick purchase, before some crank buys it.

Re: Kinetic? Worth it?

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

Kinetics aren't the greatest peds. They've got some nice points. The brakes are solid. CDI is always cool. They're basicly a vespa engine.

If this is the one I'm thinking of, they've got horrible sub-frames (where the engine sits) that tend to fail. So.. watch the mounts down there..

I think they're neat, because you can pull all the parts off and slap 'em on old vespa moped frames..

Re: Kinetic? Worth it?

I had one for a few months, and I have to say it was the most comfortable moped I've been on. My ass didn't get numb or anything. It had a polini pipe on it which robbed the bottom end, but she did 40mph on flat ground.

Re: Kinetic? Worth it?

i have a 97 kinetic and only had problems with the clutch and carburetor but the guy that i bought it from screwed them up so buying both of them. it runs great and mine goes about 35mph on flat ground and the parts look up zippy they have everything.

Re: Kinetic? Worth it?

kinetics are crap. cheap, horrible castings/workmanship throughout.. for 100$, maybe worth it if you're desperate for another bike, but i would steer clear personally.

Re: Kinetic? Worth it?

i got my kinetic for free basically, and let me tell you what. best no money i ever spent. the thing is ugly as hell, but minus some minor clutch problems it has been worry free. decently fast too, it hits mid 30's on flats with just an expansion exhaust. plus, i can leave it where i ever i want and not have to worry about it being stolen, on account of the fact that it is the ugliest moped ever produced. popsicle purple!!! thanks brentus, i really do love it.

Re: Kinetic? Worth it?

they are the ugliest mopeds but for 100.. sounds like a really good deal.

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Several years ago, I bought a brand new '03 TFR for $399, and put about 2500 troublefree miles on it in about 3 months, before selling it to buy a Tomos. The seat is junk, I never even tried to use it, there was no way to properly attach it to the moped, so I replaced it with a BMX seatpost and one of those huge wide seats made for an adult trike. Very comfortable. Plus they are the only moped that has highway pegs, which made it even more comfortable. Everybody says the frames are weak, but I was out riding at night, and hit this huge bump, got both wheels about 2' off the ground, then it came back down and made this horrible crunching sound. I just knew I had broke it in half. I rode it back home, parked it in the yard, didn't even bother looking at it, because I was sure it was totaled. The next morning I went out to see how bad it was, and, believe it or not, could not find anything wrong with it. I gave it a really good going over, then took it for a ride, it rode fine, no problems. That happened at around 1000 miles, so I put another 1500 miles on it afterward, never did have any problems. I weigh 200 lbs. I doubt the TFR is designed to carry that much, but it held up fine, unlike an Angel I bought new in '79, which did break in half, well, actually it broke across the frame at the upper rear shock mounts, and I only weighed 170 back then. And I never hit any big bumps with it either. I wouldn't pay $900 for a new one, but I think I got a killer deal on the '03, it was actually cheaper than the crappy '79 Angel POS. Peace, Jerry.

Re: Kinetic? Worth it?

a kid here hit a 3" curb with his last monday and totaled both of his wheels.

i get them in at the shop once in a while with all sorts of problems. everything from broken sub frames to blown engine gaskets. i won't even work on them any more, i send them away.

those "highway pegs" are a big problem, as half of the ones i've seen have been crashed because the rider has his feet on those rather than the pedals where they should be. there is a reason most mopeds come with a sticker that says "ride with feet on pedals"

a running bike, whatever it is, could be worth $100, depending on how desperate you are. personally, i wouldn't pay $50 for a kinetic. if someone GAVE me one, i would take the cdi off of it and throw the rest at the nearest vagrant.

tfr made a very janky moped.

Re: Kinetic? Worth it?

Well said Dean. Those things bring the headache.

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