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I've just read another rider got killed . Deepest sympathies to the family.

I know MOST of us ride responsibly ,defensively and follow the rules of the road like you should , BUT How can we make ourselves MORE visible to the cars/trucks we share the road with????

I just came back from a week of service calls in Michigan and Wisconsin . I noticed A Lot of motorcycle riders up there ,who dressed with the usual black leathers but there were some who dressed in bright colors and some had off the wall styles - Some cool , some not so cool (weird in fact) My point is though, "Is that I noticed them and saw them right away" , in the distance , they stood out and I was aware they were there. They also had the hardware that kept their headlights flashing during the day which I think we need .

I think with gas heading for $5 and more bikes , peds and scooters hitting the road there is going to be a huge need for rider visibility - Helmets ,Vests , gloves etc that can possibly be designed for greater visibility (reflective stripes? ).

I've seen and heard a lot of you gurus designing and spitting out awsome facts figures and pointers on the techie aspect of the ped engine to generate some kick butt performance , but can you guys/gals design stuff for us to be more visible on the road and stylish that people would actually use them ?? . Last thing but it's related . I did see one rider with an old timey leather helmet with a white reflective stripe and goggles but upon closer inspection it was a hard helmet underneath - that was stylish yet functional (though I do reccomend a fullface helmet) If the safety gear is noticed - it just means you were seen. I saw another rider that I thought was a set of eyes from a deer but it turned out to be a set of reflective gloves - cool - it worked . Also , I don't mean it has to be an orange reflector vest - my neighbor uses one but imagine a design of white/silver reflective material sewn on the back , shoulders or sleeves on a LIGHTWEIGHT riding jacket , not bulky , not necessarily with full motorcycle armor (as we are only limited to 30 mph right ) but abrasion and skid resistent . I believe the design requires it to somewhat hang on to the skin/body and slide on the pavement . Cloth lining on kevlar windbreaker for example . Even a Tyvek jacket would allow you to slide and ease the roadrash yet be pretty in expensive - Response /replies ?? Anybody ?? Ride safe folks a lot of friends of yours are counting on it. Cheers

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Funny just saw a post for Magnum Decals - Hmm reflective ?? stripes and decals on the gastank - Reflective flames maybe > Possibilities are endless

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i saw 2 neon bikes one neon yellow and another neon orange ugly but i saw them

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Exactly !!!!

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"3m Scotchlite Reflective Tape":http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycles/stickers-decals/motorcycle-reflective-tape-kit.htm comes in black and is practically invisible on a black frame or helmet but when light hits it it reflects white. Great for night time but doesn't do much for daytime visibility.

I use it on my helmet and various places on my motorcycle frame because I ride to work at night.

It can be had on eBay pretty cheaply.

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Flashing LED lights on the bikes would help.

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I have a reflective orange road construction vest ( a professional one, not one of those cheap mesh ones, my employer buys only the best), a reflective orange painted helmet, a 12"x12" reflective orange piece of fabric from another vest attached to the motorcycle tailpack on the rear rack of my Tomos, and I have rigged all 4 turn signals to flash together. Don't know how to get more visible than that. Peace, Jerry.

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