Fenton, MI moped guy

I saw a guy in Fenton riding a blue moped (looked like an express) down Silver Lake parkway in Fenton today. Would that happen to be any of you forumers?

Re: Fenton, MI moped guy

That could have been me, I just got the Jawa running yesterday! Did you catch a white helmet?

Ive had been working working on the stupid jikov carb on and off for a month and as soon as i got a dellorto 15.15 bolted on, it fired right up. (thanks for the inspiration vlado!)

One of my friends in fenton also rides, hes got a red batavus HS-50

Re: Fenton, MI moped guy

not sure if it was a jawa or not. it had baskets on it i think. it was in late afternoon when there was people chilling in all the lawn on Silver Lake parkway to get a good view of the fireworks. it was by ruby tuesday.

if it wasnt you, be on the lookout for that guy. you might have another riding partner.

Re: Fenton, MI moped guy

no baskets on my ped, but ill keep a lookout for sure. My buddy and i rode till 2:30 tonight, Fenton turns into a ghost town after 11:30 so we had a blast.

thanks for the heads up man

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