today's adventure in mopedding

replaced some points, got my nylon rope stuck in the cyclinder, broke the rings(from said rope),replaced top end, cranked everything down(upside down),flipped engine the right way again… starts sounds like shit….realises i probably left part of the broken ring in the engine. probably ruined this engine with rollerbearing crank,and high torque cyclinder/dyke’s piston.

Re: today's adventure in mopedding

I feel your pain

Re: today's adventure in mopedding

No pedding for me yet today, but yesterday when I went to ride last night, I stepped on a gallon jug I had old used oil in, and burst it open all over myself and on my busses, and all over the lawn. My pants might be ruined. My shoes are now black. I did get a good ride in though, and at about 3am my moped took me home and tucked me into bed.

Tonight I will be strapping a bunch of fireworks on it and riding up and down the block with a display goin' on. Saturn missile batteries are the best on the front! Fountains on the back.

Re: today's adventure in mopedding

yo chance thanks for showin me your shop space, your setup rules.

those monkey balls are delicious.

let me know next time you're working on something again, and i'll come get my hands dirty if you need/want a second person. sorry i had to dip out the other day, had to get home and grill food for the woman.


Re: today's adventure in mopedding

thedrifter /

Re: today's adventure in mopedding

Why'd you break your moped, faggot?

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