Boston Fireworks tonite!

I was thinking that if anyone is coming to the Esplanade tonite and wants to stop by my place on Beacon that I could make a batch of BBQ chicken and burgers/hodogs (garden burgers for the vegans) and corn on the cob...if you want to swing by... I'm right across the St. between Fairfield and Exeter....

Or we could do a Taco buffet...

If it starts to pour you can always duck in till it lets up too...

if there is any interest,,, let me know so I can prepare.... and clean up my messy apartment!

Re: Boston Fireworks tonite!

I would be interested in stopping by for a bit. Haha, only if we can go for a little cruise though!

Re: Boston Fireworks tonite!

The traffic is horrendous but I always ride right in the thick of it after the thing ends.... but it is totally dangerous.... and sick fun lol

Dave when you go to see Chris could you ask him to ig me up a trunk cover and a spare key blank for the Magnum.... he told me he had them kicking around but I never followed up on it!

I emailed him an order yesterday and mentioned that you were coming to visit him!

Re: Boston Fireworks tonite!

Sure thing dan, I cant wait to see what else I can pick up from MWH. Im down for riding through traffic, doesnt bother me. Honestly, its the drunk drivers tonight that you gotta watch out for.

Re: Boston Fireworks tonite!

Wow! Thanks for the invite Dan, we havn't met yet but hopefully I'll get the chance to meet you at Joe's fix it? My parents actually got a hotel room at the sonata on the charles for tonight so my fiance and I are gonna mob out over there. Have fun(bbq chicken mmmmmm) and I'll see you sunday!!!!!!!!

Re: Boston Fireworks tonite!

cool cool

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