OT: Richmond?


I know this might not be the best place for info non-moped, but its all i got besides google. I was wondering if there are any live houses or venues/bars or anything in downtown richmond. Me and a friend (who does not have moped) were wanting something to do this weekend and i was wondering if any of you could recomend any bars or anything to go to.

I know where out of towners but just two guys looking for something to do. There is a tiny scene in norfolk and wanted to see some bands. Punk or anything i guess. He's mostly looking for punk bands or anything relative. I myself am just looking for a good time.

if all else fails we're just going to bar hop. also are there any cheap hotels around downtown?

Im sorry everyone from richmond last couple times i whent i had a moped and slept in my mini-van which broke down so now i have no way to getting my moped there or a free place to stay. oh well if i dont get any replies thats ok but any help would be greatly apreciated...

-Mary McCrabs

Re: OT: Richmond?

alley katz always has some good shows going on. Check the the place out.


Re: OT: Richmond?

sweet thanks man

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